How To Create A Vertical Jump Training Program Online

If you are someone who has a background in physical fitness and loves to play basketball, then creating a vertical jump training program may be for you. This is something where can set it and forget it where you just need to record the videos one time and upload them to your website if that is the route you take. The first thing I would do is look at other programs that are similar to what you are wanting to create. There are those such as the “Jump Manual” and Vert Shock” programs that you can use as guidelines and put together your own program.  I would recommend you take most of your information and influence based off of the vert shock results as they seem to cater to the younger audience and is much safer than the jump manual. The great thing about both of these programs is that they really do no require any weight lifting, you’re simply using your body weight.  After you’ve done your research and put together an outline, you will want to get a website setup. You can easily go to Godaddy and register a domain and pay for hosting for about $5 a month. Total cost for domain and hosting would be about $35. I would recommend you set your website up on WordPress as they are the largest and easiest platform to work with. I would then go look for a website theme at Themeforest and find one that you feel would connect with you and your training.

How do I get people to my website?

There are many ways you can get people to your website. You can first start with word of mouth advertising and tell people if they are interested in your services to head over to your website and contact you. I would also have a series of questions that your potential client can fill out so you can get more information on them. If they want to purchase the video course they can do so and you can also sell them one on one coaching for your local clients. You can also put some of your videos on youtube and use them as free training that your potential client can see and tell them that if they want to get more training they can go to your website. There are many ways you can promote your website you just need to think about social media and offline methods.