How To Start A Catering Business Online


We all love to eat however not all of us like to cook. Those of us who love to cook can now do it and make money at the same time. If you have a passion for cooking delicious healthy meals then you could be on your way to starting an online local catering business. Cooking must be something that you enjoy doing because if you start a catering business just for the money, you might get some immediate success however it will not last. Getting into any business requires that you give it your all and that you are passionate about your business venture. If you want to cook healthy chicken meals for local businesses then you can easily setup a website with a menu and start taking orders right away. Is it really that easy? Yes and no. You can technically start getting phone calls and orders online if you tell enough people you know however if you want long lasting success you are going to need people coming to your website through the search engines.

How do I get traffic from the search engines?

You get traffic from the search engines by properly optimizing your website for the proper keywords that your customers are searching for. If your customers are searching for ‘food catering in chicago” then you need to show up number one on the first page. If your customers search for something more specific such as “oven roasted chicken catering in miami” then your website needs to show up number one as well.  The first thing you are going to need when setting up your website is some hosting such as GoDaddy. You then would install WordPress on GoDaddy and you will have a website ready to go. I would then suggest you head on over to ThemeForest so you can pick a nice looking theme. After your website is designed with all your images and content, you will need to implement an SEO campaign that will allow you to be found by Google and the other search engines. You can implement your own SEO campaign however it is not recommended. I would recommend you hire a miami seo company to make sure it is done correctly. If you are in a very large US city such as Chicago then I would recommend working with a professional chicago seo services company with a proven track record.

Starting an online catering business seems like it’s hard work and to be honest it is, however, if it were easy then everyone would do it. Take the first step and just get it started and know that you will face challenges, however, they are necessary for growth.